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   Name: ICOBID                             Block time: 60 seconds
  Ticker: ICOB                                 Block reward: 10 ICOB
 Algorithm: Scrypt PoW/PoS        PoS percentage: 10%

PoW is forever (last PoW block is 100.000.000 means that PoW runs near 190 years)
Inflation rate < 15% (10% + 10x1440x365/100.000.000)

Why do we choose Scypt PoW/PoS algorithm for ICOBID?
There're two main reasons.
-The first, we want the voting process on ICOBID platform will be built on a transparent, effective and secured cryptocurrency.
-The second, both miners and ICOBID holders who contribute to maintain ICOBID network will get a worthy voting weight in ICOBID platform.



Faster Wallet Sync Using Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a database file to verify the block in a wallet, which was in sync by someone before.
In other words, this is one way to speed sync in the wallet.
By using the bootstrap file you will only need less time than normal sync wallet.

How to install an ICOBID Bootstrap file?

     Backup your wallet, save the wallet.dat file to safest place
     Download Bootstrap file:!evglXbiL!tmjPruZ5pi-jj6OrK8QISRDtRSYZ_NUWT10mHrZxUEU
     Find your ICOBID folder in your users AppData directory. The AppData folder is hidden on most operating systems, so make sure you can view hidden files
     - Windows this is usually c:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\ICOBID
     - OSX this is usually ~\Library\Application Support\ICOBID
     - Linux this is usually ~\.ICOBID
     Delete folder of ICOBID
     After the download is complete, Extract Bootstrap file to Roaming
     Copy your wallet.dat to folder ICOBID
     And let's open your wallet


For anyone who is running an old version wallet please follow this guide:


- Please encrypt (optional) and back up your wallet.
- Open Roaming folder with this search: %appdata%
- Delete ICOBID folder
- Run new wallet
- Restore your wallet with the backup file
     + Copy your backup file (yourbackupfile.dat) to ICOBID folder on Roaming
     + Delete file wallet.dat
     + Rename yourbackupfile.dat into wallet.dat
     + Reopen the wallet

Announcing the ICOBID-Qt Android wallet!

This wallet can stake like the desktop versions and do pretty much everything else they can too. It's now available for everyone to download here:
However if you want to get the APK file directly you can get it here:

Along with the wallet there is a manager app that can help with getting a bootstrap.dat file (for faster block syncing) and backing up/restoring your wallet.dat.
Playstore: and APK:

Please keep in mind that the wallet can take upwards of one hour when getting blocks from the bootstrap.dat file depending on your phone. However, it is still faster than downloading all the blocks from peers. The default working directory for all backing up and stuff is the internal storage directory where you will normally find your Downloads, Music, Movies, and DCIM (camera) folders. This was a design decision based on not everyone having a file manager installed but this will be updated in the future.